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The women of Healing Housing arrive with many challenges ahead of them. With years of addiction, trauma, and poverty in their past, the prospect of moving forward to heal and become whole may seem impossible.

In fact it often feels like a mountain they need to climb,
but they don’t have the tools, or know how to find a path forward.

enter maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid

Let’s get a quick refresher.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow believed humans are motivated by 5 basic needs and that these are arranged in a hierarchy.

He suggested that we seek to first meet the lowest level of needs, and only when that is done, are we are able to move to the next, higher level.

Why is this important? Only as a woman’s fundamental needs are met can she begin climbing towards new levels of personal growth and sobriety.

Meet Ella and Climb with Her

The stories and needs of residents and graduates are each unique and special. But their journeys also share many things in common.

We introduce Ella as a composite story. But her experiences and quotes will be authentic, coming directly from our residents and graduates.

Part of the beauty of the process of healing is realizing that everyone is at a different level—and as with many journeys, there are different routes to get there. 

maslow’s level one, physiological needs

We respond with Food, Shelter & Care.

Ella has faced deprivation of our most primary, physical human needs.

With Maslow’s bottom level of needs in mind, we know that if a woman is hungry or does not know where she will sleep tonight, she will find it nearly impossible to stay sober, begin therapy or acquire new skills for her future.

For this reason, when Ella arrived at Healing Housing, we immediately provided her:

  • a real home and her own bed
  • a stipend to buy her own groceries and clothing
  • a basket of toiletries and essentials

These gifts becomes the baseline for her growth and healing, giving her a strong foundation to climb to the next level.

maslow’s level three, BELONGING

We respond with Sisterhood.

With her most basic needs being met, Ella begins to settle into her room, learn the rhythm of her community and adjust to this new way of life. 

A supportive sisterhood starts to blossom and she feels the importance of her presence in our homes.

She is inspired by others’ journeys, she shares stories of love and loss and finds sisters to comfort her through the ups and downs of new recovery.  
When your sister loves and believes in you,
you start to believe in yourself,
suddenly the summit doesn’t look so far in the distance
and the climb continues
maslow’s level two, safety & security

We respond with Health & Stability.

When Ella began at Healing Housing, she:

  • had not seen a doctor or dentist for years
  • had unaddressed mental health needs
  • couldn’t remember what it was like to feel safe
  • didn’t have a schedule—a waking time, a laundry day, daily chores or a time devoted to community and spirituality.

After her admission, Ella was assigned a Case Manager to better understand her health needs. These may include:
medical and dental care visits, a personal therapist, medicine management, vision care and fitness & yoga programs.

Addiction thrives on chaos and instability. While Ella is here, we also provide her a schedule of waking up, meditation, classes, appointments, and activities. Ultimately this routine will help her feel safe and secure.

maslow’s level Four, self-esteem

We respond with Preparation.

During Ella’s stay at Healing Housing, she receives: Life skills including budgeting, cooking and nutrition
Career and vocational training  
Female Specific IOP
Our 8 week program designed to meet the unique needs of women with addictive disorders. The program is organized into four modules, Self, Relationships, Sexuality, and Spirituality. These are the four areas that women identify as the triggers for relapse and the areas of greatest change in their recoveries. 

Topical workshops and relapse prevention
Recent themes include: Untangling Relationships & Grief, Boundaries, Mindfulness & Meditation, Forgiveness, Trauma Stressors and Communal Living.

We respond with Integration.

Standing high on the mountain, Ella, our resident ‘guide,’ reflects how each step she has taken has given her confidence that could she reach the top.

At each level of the difficult climb, Ella has been able to draw strength from her needs being met:

  • the restoration of medical and dental health,
  • therapeutic revelations,
  • the 12-steps of recovery,
  • self-esteem from her vocational training at Uprise.

All of these have converged to power her through to the summit!

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