Healing Housing is a housing-first program. In our case, this means we believe safe, secure housing is the first step necessary to fully address a woman’s addiction history, mental health disorders, trauma experiences and related issues. Once a stable residence exists, better yet a loving home, you can begin to work towards long-term sobriety and healing.

When Olivia Smith founded Healing Housing in 2017, it was to provide stable, sober housing for women without income who were in recovery from addiction. We have chosen the name Lightkeepers for a group of supporters who help us stay aligned with this vision through their recurring giving.

With their ongoing gifts, the Lightkeepers Club helps provide the housing essentials necessary to rest and heal for each woman in recovery from addiction and trauma. They keep the lights on, showers hot, and food in the pantry at Healing Housing. 

Besides knowing you are providing a well-functioning home for our residents,
here are a few more benefits to joining:
  • Bimonthly Lightkeeper updates from Tracey Levine, Executive Director
  • Lightkeeper Potluck with Graduates
  • Advance reservations to any Healing Housing event
  • Lightkeeper momento
  • Recognition on this website

Provide long-term,
sustainable healing
for women.
Join today.

Give in any of the following ways:

  • To join online, click the button below. When making your first gift, designate an amount, select Monthly and follow prompts.
  • If you’d like to give by check or direct from your bank, let us know at [email protected] so we can designate you as a Lightkeeper!
  • For checks: mail to Healing Housing, PO Box 2385, Brentwood, TN 37024
  • From your bank account: Although our system doesn’t presently allow us to set-up direct draft, we recommend setting up Healing Housing in your monthly Bill Pay—using the address above. Phone is 615.445.4325.
  • Want to learn more about how your giving will make a difference? Reach out to Tracey at [email protected].

With much gratitude to our Lightkeepers

*Updated January 2024

Kathryn Applegate
Dwight & Cynthia Armstrong
Melinda & Jeff Balser
Donna Birtles
Leanna Bone
Judith Bone
Sarah & Mike Brandon
Dixi Broadhead
Darla & Michael Brock
Misty & Gary Chambers
Elizabeth & Jeff Christie
Shawn Clark
Sharon Cox
Cross Point Community Church
Julie Davis
Sonya Dudley
Lisa Eshleman
Lisa Franz
Dee Glossinger
Brenda & David Griffin
Kim Grom
Cyn Sweet & Joe Grosson
Paula & James Grout

Caroline Hamburg
Gina Hantel
Ruthann Harmon
Mike Harper
Linda Harrison
Kelly & Hal Hassall
Cecilia & David Hettinger
Leslie & Rick Hotzfeld
Courtney Hyder
The Rev. Suzanne Johnston & George Silbernagel III
Merrily & David Jones
Joy Jordan-Lake, MD
Keith Logan Foundation
Laura King
Becky Kissinger
Tara Laymon
Denise Lennington
Tracey & Jonathan Levine
Lisa & Lonnie Liston
Deborah Logsdon
Denise & Steve Long
The Luminous Parish
Missy & John Lynch

Letha & George Mathews, MD
Suzan & Russell McIntire, MD
Maral Missirian-Dill
Marlei Olson & John Kutsko
Dana Orange
Brenda & Bryan Oslin, MD
Molly & David Ragan
Pat & Doug Ralls
Jane & Ralph Roach, MDs
Rose & Plum Living
Pat Smith, MD
Olivia & Lenwood Smith
Allyson Spillane
Stewart Insurance Group
Gina & Mark Tedder
Terry Terrell
Marcia & Michael Thompson
Barbara Turner
Tyler Technologies
Trena Wade
Carol & James Weinberg
Laura Wheeler
Susan Wirth