Services Each Woman Receives

The collective power of all the recovery elements strengthens a woman’s healing.

  • Safe, stable housing
  • Groceries, essentials, and transportation
  • First 9-weeks at no cost
  • Case management
  • Psychiatric care and medicine management
  • Weekly therapy
  • Medical and dental care
  • Career and vocational training
  • Female-specific IOP
  • Topical workshops and relapse prevention

Safe, stable housing

We are a ‘housing first’ program, understanding that in order to provide a strong foundation for addiction recovery, a woman first needs secure and safe housing, and a bed to call her own! With this established, we can begin to provide the programming and services she needs to heal.

Groceries, essentials, and transportation

When a woman arrives at HH, she is often without basic needs, even clothing. We will provide her with groceries, clothing, and essentials until she has a job and can provide these elements for herself. We also offer transportation access and help to get women to appointments and jobs.

First 9-weeks at no cost

Courtesy of the Welcome Home patrons of HH, a woman’s first nine weeks of housing and services are provided at no cost to her! There is no rush for her to find employment and pay program fees. Women who are early in their recovery instead are able to rest, eat well, attend to medical and mental matters, go to meetings and focus on their own wellness.

Case management

Each woman is assigned a Healing Housing staff member who gently guides and support her through graduation and on to Continuing Care. Weekly case management meetings provide accountability of program requirements, monitor behavioral changes and develop the healing plan that is unique to each resident.

Psychiatric care and medicine management

In the past few years we have seen an increase in major depressive episodes, PTSD, and anxiety disorders among residents. To better meet their needs, a PNP (a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner) now conducts a full evaluation and testing, and follow-up care for all residents. HH staff monitors medication distribution and communicates behavioral changes to the PNP as medication is adjusted as the brain stabilizes.

Weekly therapy

One of the most important relationships for residents is being able to establish an on-going relationship with a therapist who understands the impact of trauma, and the challenge of addiction. All counselors are licensed clinicians.

Medical and dental care

Women often have experienced years without consistent access to healthcare. When a woman arrives at HH, she is assessed by HH staff to determine all needs associated with her physical health. Most frequently we are setting up appointments for a women’s wellness exam, dental xrays and cleaning as well as connecting with a primary care physician in the area.

Career and vocational training

To help women build vital skills for their future, we have partnered with Uprise Nashville. Uprise provides vocational training and job placements, in one of 14 career tracks, for its students. Furthermore, to give women the time and ability to focus on their education, gracious funders of HH have underwritten a training stipend for each one while they are in school.

Female-specific IOP

Our 20-session program, developed by Dr. Stephanie Covington, was designed to meet the unique needs of women with addictive disorders. Integrating theories of women’s psychological development, trauma, and addiction it also addresses relapse triggers such as relationships and domestic violence.

Topical workshops and relapse prevention

Group meetings including relapse prevention and spiritual formation are offered on a weekly basis. Workshops are also provided on topics selected by residents. Recent themes include: Untangling Relationships & Grief, Boundaries, Mindfulness & Meditation, Forgiveness, Trauma Stressors and Communal Living.

Women bonding at Healing House