The Why

Many of our residents are without family or other relationships to support them, and many have never received cards or letters of encouragement. Especially in the early stages of recovery, when emotions and memories are beginning to return, women may be vulnerable to feelings of despair and loneliness. Then farther down the road, as they work hard to implement recovery steps and prepare for eventual graduation, fears of the unknown can be great.

These are the times a healing note, with words of encouragement, can be a great comfort.

There are two ways to help

Send your own card:

Select the card of your choosing and write a short note to a woman.

Sign with your first name only. Leave the salutation general (Dear Friend), and trust us to give it to ‘just the right woman.’ 

Next, mail the card to: Love Notes, Healing Housing, PO Box 2385, Brentwood, TN 37024.

Send your words by email:

Short on time or want to make it more personal? Send your message by email to our Volunteer Coordinator, Deborah, at [email protected]. She will hand-write a card for you, sign your first name, and add a resident or graduate’s name that needs your message!  

Important to know:

Suggestions for notes include a paragraph of personal encouragement, a reflection on one of the 12 steps of AA, or an inspirational biblical verse or poem. 
As Love Notes should be appropriate wherever a woman finds herself in her emotional or spiritual journey, please refrain from personal details or references to theological or religious doctrine.

By signing up to be a part of the Love Notes Club, our coordinator will send occasional updates from our Program Team regarding the needs of individual (unnamed) women—allowing you to craft a personalized message for her!
Love Notes are of course welcome anytime, regardless if you have signed up.

For questions or to sign up, contact Deborah at [email protected],
and she will get back to you soon!