Thank you

With each donation, grant, gift of food or service project, you expand the work of Healing Housing
providing more shelter and love to women healing from addiction.

Note: Bimonthly recognition is currently paused as we transition to a new giving system.
Gifts below reflect 11.1 – 12.31.22

Gifts to General Mission

Amazon Smile Foundation
Ascension ST. Thomas Hospital West / Medical Staff Fund
Christy Ashford
Emily Atkins
Debbie & Gary Banks
Albert & Dawn Bart
Ms. Jane Bondurant
BUMC-Crossroads Class
BUMC-United Methodist Women
Mrs. Janet Byers
Vicki Carlisle
Jan Cason
Shawn Clark
John & Doris Clayton
Debra Johnson Clements
Cross Point Community Church

Angela & Silas Deane
John Delaney
Bill & Barbara Depp
Regan Donato
Dan & Meryll Elkins
Elizabeth Fox
Franklin First United Methodist Church
Joseph Hallett
Chris Hancock
Matthew & Andrea Hardison
Ruth Harris
Deborah & Skip Heibert
Christine Hernandez
Jeanie & Mark Holliday
Leslie & Rick Hotzfeld
Leslie Hurlbert
John R. Lindahl Foundation
The Rev. Suzanne Johnston

Susan Keehley
Adrian Kinkle
Roxanne & Andrew Koepke
Kroger Rewards
Bob Larson
Emily Leftwich
Tracey & Jonathan Levine
Rhea and Marie Little
Emily Magli
Deb & Steve Markland
Jim Martin
Susan Mattson
Nick McCall
Pamela McCormick
Donnel Milam
Chad Miller
Edward & Cheryl Minnich
Maral Missirian-Dill
David & Janice Morgan
Angela Nordstrom

Hal & Peggy Pennington
Carole Peterson
R. Renee Ralls
Ralls Family Foundation
Rhea Little’s Tire & Auto Repair
Janet Roberts
Diane Romeo
David Smallbone
Leslie Southwood
Rowena & Edward Stokowski
The Purple Thumb Garden Club
Ronald & Peggy Tucker
Dan VandenBosch
Trena Wade
Robert & Doris Waldschmidt
Helen Wood
Beth Woodruff
Samuel Yeager

Grant Funding Received

Brentwood United Methodist Foundation
Center for Nonprofit Management
Franklin Noon Rotary Charitable Foundation
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Hays Foundation
Hello In There Foundation
Speer Foundation


In memory of Jamies Hughes by
Michael Bradley
Margaret & Matt Callihan
Dee Gear
Anne Huff
Valerie Nagoshiner
Rebecca & Clay Nicks
Kelly Price
Dottie Rotch
Noah Spiegel
Jackie Vaughan
Patsy Wade
Melinda Wiens
Brea Williams
& four
anonymous donors

In honor of Janet Roberts and Suzan McIntire
by Kim Brazil
In honor of Mary Johnson by Debra Clements
In honor of Madeleine Jones by Eva Daneker
In honor of Dan Elkins by Jerry & Susan Faulker
In honor of Sarah & Theresa Masnik
by Cyndy Howes
In honor of Pat Ralls by Rob & Kathy Jones
In honor of John O. Edwards by Jill Edwards Sutphin
In memory of Keith Dixon by Cynthia Terry
In honor of Kim Brazil by an anonymous donor
In honor of Dan Elkins by two anonymous donors
In honor of Suzan McIntire
by an anonymous donor
In memory of Jessica Palmer
by an anonymous donor

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In-Kind & Service Gifts

BUMC Christmas Carolers—Caroling
and Christmas poinsettias
Cross Point Community Church—
Moe’s community dinner
Amy Hodges-Hamilton & Friends—Christmas shopping
night and dinner for all residents
Leslie Hotzfeld & Friends—Gift cards for graduates
for Christmas shopping for their families
Tara Laymon & Friends—Christmas gifts for all
children and grandchildren of residents
Mary Frank Miller—Christmas gifts
Kristen Mitchell—Bracelets for all residents
OneGenAway—Food bags for new residents
Jamie Rose & Friends—Winter coats, clothes,
and Christmas gifts for all
Stephanie Smith—Amazon Smile
Kim & David Welsch—Christmas gifts
Williamson Co. Anti-Drug Coalition—
Chick-Fil-A Community Dinner

With additional gratitude to all donors who choose to be unnamed. To request anonymity, please specify when giving online, when mailing a gift, or you can reach out to [email protected].