Driving Hope

Driving Hope

“You’re going to actually pay me to do something I love?” Keisha says with the happiest and most grateful expression on her face. Keisha, a recent Healing Housing graduate, has been hired onto the Healing Housing team as a Driver; a much-needed position to support the women in the program with their transportation needs.

Although Keisha has spread her wings, has her own apartment, car and is a graduate of the Healing Housing program, she continues to be involved in everyday operations. Keisha celebrates one year sober this month and is a prime example of the successes that can come from the Healing Housing program.

“I just couldn’t not be involved, and now I have the most amazing job.”

Keisha provides more then just transportation to the women of Healing Housing. She is a driver, a friend to reach out to, a support system and a savior to those who are navigating their recovery journey.

“Because I have been in their shoes, and many of these women were my roommates, I am happy to be someone who can help them get to the appointments they need. Public transportation is no joke and not fun.”

Keisha works full time shuttling women back and forth to dentist visits, doctor appointments, service commitments, court dates and more. “I think the women feel most comfortable because they think she was one of us.” She often stays for the appointments and attends meetings and other obligations with the women if they request.

“One year ago, I had no driver’s license, court dates, fees to pay and I was looking at time in prison. Now I am doing what I love surrounded by people I love.”

We are so lucky to have Keisha as a part of the Healing Housing staff. Her presence and dedication to the women shines every day in her work.

This position is made possible by the Williamson County Opioid Task Force . Thank you for your support.