The Whole Person

Discussing Healing with Premier Partner Integrative Life Center

Tracey Levine, Healing Housing Executive Director, sat down with Christi Cessna, President of Integrative Life Center, to talk about our mutual interests in helping people heal. Our Premier sponsor for 2023’s Love Breakfast fundraiser, and 2022’s Presenting Sponsor, ILC has shown tremendous support for the work of Healing Housing.

ILC was founded in 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee, and since its beginning, it has earned a national reputation for clinical and program excellence with clients and behavioral health experts. They are privately owned treatment center with multiple locations, serving adults 18 years and older who are struggling with mental health and addictive disorders.

ILC uses a myriad of modalities to carefully look at each person’s trauma and the maladaptive behaviors they have used to cope with their trauma.

What drew me to Integrative Life Center was this idea of loving people and understanding that we all have our journeys …The way we work is we look at the whole person … Oftentimes our clients come in and they have trauma, they have eating disorder issues, they have intimacy issues, there may be substance disorder issues. What we look at is to say, you are bigger than that, you are bigger than ‘the issue.’ It’s really about how can we help you get back on a path? We walk alongside you on your journey to help you heal.

Christi Cessna, President, ILC

Watch the interview with Christi and Tracey here.

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