Welcome Home: A Story of Gratitude

Welcome Home” may be a saying we all take for granted, something we know as an every day occurrence or just part of our routine. But for Dawn, the two little words have changed her life.

After a life of using when her doctor became her drug dealer, Dawn knew she desperately needed help to change. She tried to remember the last time she was truly happy, and she thought about a time when she lived in Franklin. “I had it all together,” she said, “I had my own condo and everything and I felt safe.” Ultimately, that is what led Dawn right to Healing Housing.

My drug addiction stripped me of everything,” said Dawn.
“Healing Housing is like a body of armor wrapped around me.”

Every day in the house, Dawn experiences a sisterhood she explains as something she misses from a previous life. Dawn lost her sister 13 years ago due to an overdose. Healing Housing has provided her a sisterhood of other women experiencing the same journey, non-judgmental staff who understand and a team to root for her the entire way. “I had no idea. I did not expect this,” says Dawn.

As a newer member of the Healing Housing program, Dawn expresses only gratitude for the opportunity she has been given. Her journey has just begun, but the hope for the future continues to motivate her in so many ways.

“I finally don’t have to do it alone, and that is the only reason I am doing well. The only thing I regret, is not coming sooner.”

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