HOME for the Holidays

The Holidays are supposed to be a time of magic, family and cheer, but for many in recovery—this is not always the case.

“I remember sitting down in a Monday meditation and talking to the women about their favorite part about the holidays,” says Tracey, “the room was quiet.”

The silence was so loud.

Many of our current residents know that going home for the Holidays isn’t always safe or best for their recovery.  Healing Housing provides a warm home with volunteers bringing in dinner and a sisterhood to build new traditions with.  I love knowing that we are able to help them reframe what the Holidays look like.

The holidays are hard for me. My husband passed away two days after Christmas and my sons birthday is two days after that. It drums up a lot of emotions and guilt for me. Being at Healing Housing, I actually had a chance to feel the holidays and feel what I was numbing. Over Thanksgiving I isolated myself a bit, but I knew I had sisters and a hot meal downstairs waiting for me. That was different.

“They took us Christmas shopping last week and this was the first time in seven years I was able to buy my mom a gift- an actual gift she asked for. The last time I bought her something for the holidays was with drug money.”

Each experience is different, but Healing Housing tries to be a little twinkle of light in the darkness.

With many opportunities to spark enjoyment, a community of loving people who provide their support, time and service to each of these women, or even just by providing a cozy pillow to lay their heads on at night as they reflect, Healing Hosing is truly home for the holidays.