In Her Words: What Rachel Loves Most

We were so proud and elated to have one of our graduates, Rachel King, speak at our Love Breakfast fundraiser in April. Rachel so delighted and inspired the audience that we asked her to tell you a little more about her life now!

Rachel speaking at Love Breakfast 2023

I came to Healing Housing in December of 2020 and I knew I needed help for a long time before I actually surrendered. I believe it started around the time I became homeless around November 2019.

Looking back the services that helped me the most at healing housing was the year of therapy that I received. As well as the savings account that was held for me until I graduated. The spiritual formation classes were such a blessing to me and helped me in so many ways. It is hard to pinpoint a few things when I feel that every part of the program was vital to my recovery.

With the help of Uprise Nashville, I now work at Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health, Team Firefly. We help pregnant and postpartum women who have faced substance use disorder.

At Firefly, we provide OBGYN care, peer support services, psychiatry care, lactation services, an intensive outpatient program and much more. I walk with these women and share my lived experience with them. I help them to set and attain their goals. I meet with them one on one, and we problem solve issues together, regarding mainly their recovery but also just life in general.

I used to be a follower, now I am a leader.

An achievement I would like to share is that within being in my role for 7 months, I have already received a promotion as Lead Recovery Coach. This is an honor and a testament to how far I have come.

Most important to me, my kids are thriving! I got custody of my middle child in July of 2022. Israel is eight and he attends a national blue ribbon elementary school and has made fast friends. Shortly after, I got custody of my daughter, Evelyn. She is four and sassy just like her momma. She is doing well and attached at the hip now!

Oliver is my oldest and he lives with his father, but I get him every weekend. He plays soccer, basketball and a host of other sports and I am his biggest cheerleader! I am so proud of all of my children! My life is more than I could have imagined or dreamed, and I am so thankful. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how grateful I am for God and His grace, for being the author of it all.

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Rachel pictured above with (l-r): Heather Young, Dixi Broadhead, Sonya Dudley, and Table Host Darla Brock at the Love Breakfast Event, April 2023.