Struggles to Strength

Sometimes our struggles will bring us together in strength.

Tara joined the Healing Housing family as a valued volunteer as she had been witnessing her own family member’s struggle with addiction. As a member of the Brentwood United Methodist Church (BUMC), Tara often saw messaging and stories about Healing Housing and the women’s triumphs posted on church bulletins. Tara longed for a better understanding of addiction and how she could be a better support system for her sister; she had many questioned that needed answered and honestly just needed a listening ear. Tara reached out and connected with Tracey and a beautiful partnership began.

“That one conversation with Tracey helped me so much – not only to better understand what my sister is going through but also understand how I can help other women as well.”

As much as Tara may have needed Healing Housing at that moment, we needed her even more. Since Easter 2020, Tara has organized efforts to engage other BUMC members in creating Easter Baskets and Christmas Gifts for the women and staff of Healing Housing. Many women needed support in providing holiday gifts for their own children as well, and Tara and her group of supporters were able to answer that call. We are now on our 3rd year of providing Easter baskets and Christmas gifts for the HH women, their children or grandchildren, and the HH staff!  I can’t wait to coordinate the next event for these wonderful women, so they know they are supported!”

As a mother of three, Tara sympathizes for the women who cannot provide for their children during the holidays while also focusing on their own recovery and the stress of it all. She hopes her work alleviates that burden and the women know they are not alone.

This is truly a disease that is extremely difficult to overcome without the support and empathy of the community.  Everyone needs a helping hand, some just need it more.

Tara explains that her sister still struggles with addiction but throughout her volunteer experience she has gained a better understanding of her challenges and how she can support her. “Im never giving up on her, she is my sister, and I love her!”

Tara is also a Lightkeeper for Healing Housing. With their ongoing gifts, the Lightkeepers Club helps provide the housing essentials necessary to rest and heal for each woman in recovery from addiction and trauma. They keep the lights on, showers hot, and food in the pantry at Healing Housing. Learn more about how to become a Lightkeeper here.